Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I "Liked It" The Falcon and the Snowman

The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) Poster3 movies from my queue are leaving Feb. 1, and The Falcon and The Snowman is one of them.

            A mid 80’s movie that was okay, even though Netflix said I’d almost love it. I ended up just liking it. The movie got better as it went along, though it was tough to get into, and I almost opted out but stayed with it. Just for some reason didn't fit well with me. Maybe it was Sean Penn, his voice was terribly irritating throughout the movie, and maybe I missed something but how did Timothy Hutton find someone to sell the secrets to? It’s like that just happened, as well as the CIA asking him to work for them from the mail room? Maybe his dad did some favors to get his son moved up but I couldn't see his dad doing that for him. Again, maybe I missed something.

            It was based on a real pair of guys, which really begs the question: If you’re gonna sell government secrets, why would you put your drug dealer/addict friend anywhere near your operation, much less put him in it? What did you expect would happen?

            I never really found myself into the main characters. I was more on the sides of their families and in agreement that they were fuck-ups.

            I tried to put myself in the position of Timothy Hutton’s dad. You raise a boy who is pretty good considering he didn't turn out like Sean Penn’s guy. Your son, Timothy Hutton (or The Falcon) is opinionated and works around government secrets that he finds out are helping America essentially micro-manager other governments around the world. He doesn't like this so he does something about it, and not just protest or make some noise, oh no, this guy, whose family is pretty well off money-wise, decides to sell the secrets.

            I could see if he was poor, or wanted to save up for a PS4 or whatever they had back then. Anyway, no, he just did it because he didn't like the way his country was acting! Not only did he love his country, but he loved it so much that when he found out it wasn't perfect he got pissed! Is that a good way to look at it? Either way he ended up betraying his country, something he says he loved. I guess we do always hurt the ones we love, huh?

            Well, like I said, I wasn't too into this movie, honestly, though the ending was good, just not as good as the rest of the movie.

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