Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gillian Anderson, star of The Fall now streaming on Netflix, to write sci-fi trilogy.

Gillian AndersonNot really Netflix news at all, but having been a teen during the X-Files years I am a huge fan, of the show and the two main characters, one of which is starring in a series currently streaming on Netflix, but the main news this time is that she is co-writing a trilogy of sci-fi books.

Guillermo del Toro did the same with Chuck Hogan, and though Guillermo del Toro and Gillian Anderson are not quite on the same page imagination-wise, I think her experience with sci-fi, the show, the movies, and just being around is much as she was, and her obvious passion and interest in it, will make for a very interesting read.

Her co-author, Jeff Rovin, is not someone I've read, and to be honest a Wikipedia search of his work does worry me a bit. A lot of novelizations of other works, and biographies and humor and video game books; a wide variety to be sure, but nothing that really impresses. He may surprise, and if not, I believe Gillian Anderson has what they both need in spades to product a great story.

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