Monday, January 13, 2014

Netflix: Lilyhammer News

didn't hear much about Lilyhammer, until it had already been showing for awhile. I was anxious to see it for the novelty of it being Netflix’s first series, and I was impressed. With expectations low, the show was interesting, entertaining, and well done. I tried to find out if the show was a hit because the first season ended in such a way that it could be all wrapped up, or there could be more, and I wanted more, but I found that there was really no way to know if it was a hit for Netflix.

Awhile later Netflix began to really hit hard with original shows, and Lilyhammer was coming back for a second season, and I think that was proof that the show was doing well. Now with word of a third season already being worked on for release later this year, I think it’s safe to say that though it doesn't get the love that the other bigger shows get, Lilyhammer is still a good show that is doing good as well.

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