Saturday, January 18, 2014

Netflix News: Untitled Drama/Thriller Starring Kyle Chandler

Early Edition (1996) PosterI was a fan of Kyle Chandler when I first saw him in Early Edition. I loved that show. I never watched Friday Night Lights, not being a sports fan at all, the show nor the movie it was based on interested me at all, so I sort of lost track of the guy after that. Then all of a sudden he was a dad in Super 8. Where did the time go?

            Now he’s apparently signed up to be in a new Netflix original series about a family with dark secrets, and those secrets are revealed when the oldest brother returns home.

            Doesn’t sound terribly original or interesting, but then again House of Cards when described doesn’t sound terribly original either and look how freaking great that show is. Netflix doesn’t seem to be able to make a bad series so far (although I did watch the entire series of Orange Is The New Black, and I do not see what all the love is for that show). The show is being created by the team behind Damages, streaming now, and I hear a lot of good things about that show (I’ll have to give it a try) so as-of-now the show is untitled and will being filming in March.

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