Thursday, February 13, 2014

I "Liked It" Dead Snow: It only took me 3 or 4 tries to get through it too.

Dead Snow (2009) PosterIt took me a few tries to get through Dead Snow. The way the characters talk was for me the hardest part to get over. The writing was not good. The conversations between the people at the beginning was really forced, so much so that I turned the movie off and didn’t go back to it for weeks. It wasn’t until I re-watched the preview for the movie and saw the scenes when the Nazi zombies arrive that it made me think that maybe it was worth struggling through the horrible writing at the beginning to get to the zombies.

            I’m not entirely sure it was worth it. It certainly gets better when the zombies arrive, but seriously the beginning is so bad that the rest of the movie is not good enough to shake it off.

            First of all, the overweight movie geek does not get the hot girl. Nazi zombies I can get, cutting off one’s arm and then cauterizing it in a fire? Okay. The hot girl climbing on top of the geek after he just went poop in the outhouse, while still sitting in the outhouse? Nope, you lost me, big time. Did my 16 year old self write this movie, because that’s the only sort of person who would write such an unbelievable scene, am I right?

            I stopped watching the movie and watched the trailer again to remind myself why I was watching this movie. It helped, but I had to continue it another night.

            Before the impossible happens in the outhouse, though, one of the guys “playfully” suffocates his girlfriend for a few seconds! It was just a joke, though, so it’s okay, and he apologizes but she’s still mad, but she gets over it (and then in the end he “accidentally” puts a hatchet in her neck and kills her, maybe it was genius foreshadowing? Doubt it.).

            I know I keep coming back to the talking, but seriously, at the beginning they are all walking to the cabin and the movie geek just randomly asks for movies that start with what they are doing. They all start naming horror movies and I just hated this scene, it was so dumb – sorry but there’s no better way to describe it. It was unoriginal and forced, and had they come up with other movies than the usual popular go-to movies it would have been different, but Evil Dead (which they reference way too many times) and then a few other movies but the whole Evil Dead thing was too much. I love Evil Dead, I get that it’s a great horror movie and was filmed with great style, but there are so many other great horror movies too – new and old – that should be getting some love (can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure they’re there, right? ).

            I realize one doesn’t really see Dead Snow for originality but you could tell they were going for something along those lines with the tongue in cheek references and the fact that the characters were aware of how insane the situation is. Had it been played straight it maybe would have been more entertaining and probably by today’s standards that would have been original. The whole “isn’t this crazy what we’re doing, it’s just like a movie” thing is pretty old at this point, and going back to the original would be a surprise.

            Another reason I watched this was because I saw that it has a sequel coming out, and again, as much as I just barely liked this movie, the trailer for the second movie has me wanting to see it like the trailer for the first one did. Hopefully the second one isn’t as bad as the first, and it looks like it may be a bit better, the jokes and gags look funny in the trailer, and the action looks good so here’s hoping.

            All that being said, this horror movie has no nudity, which I bring up only because it’s a horror movie and they usually have nudity (even Evil Dead had nudity), and there was one scene that I laughed out loud at, it’s what happens just after the guy cuts off his own arm. It was pretty good, yet still predictable, which sums up the movie as a whole.

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