Monday, February 10, 2014

I "Liked It" The Seasoning House: I would have "Really Liked It" had the second half been as good as the first.

The Seasoning House (2012) PosterSo I started off really liking The Seasoning House. The story of a deaf and mute girl, her family and how she came to be living in the house was brief but it was well done and intense and sad. The acting was well done and the violence was brutal, and it not only set up the girl, Angel, but also the guy who would become the main villain. Angel meets a girl in the house who can sign and the two become friends . . . as much as two girls can become friends in a house such as that.

            The scenes showing the two girls talking and kind of looking out for each other were good. The music was good when the two would hang out and it was interesting and believable to see these two suddenly reach out to each other to have someone to care for and have someone who cared for them in return.

            A good revenge movie is nothing if you don’t care about the people. You have to suffer through the horrible rapes and beatings that this girl witnesses and experiences, this girl that you are starting to care for and root for to win, because in the end you know that she will be avenged, and everything that the bad guys dish out will get returned in spades. Angel, the main girl of the movie, watches with us while her friend is put through this torture. Of course Angel is just a girl, and in a house of ruthless men, she is unable to do anything to stop it – until the man who killed her mother shows up.

            That’s when the revenge starts and the movie unfortunately falls apart.

            This is the point where shit should be getting good. I don’t care what goes on, in a revenge movie, the person getting the revenge can take any matter of beating because they will always come back – no matter what. The more the main character is hurt, and pushed closer to death, the more sweet the revenge will be when they return from the brink.

            Unfortunately this movie is light on all of this, even the revenge, and it all sucks even that much more because the beginning was so good. The girl and her story and the villain are set up for some serious payback, but what we get just isn't enough.

            There is payback, and it is brutal. The knife fight with the first guy that gets it was definitely the best, the knife in the mouth that comes out through the cheek, and then moves and starts cutting the cheek open was particularly awesome. Unfortunately everything from then on pales in comparison.

            The movie isn't bad as far as movies go. The acting is pretty good, the story is real good and believable, and the movie itself was well made, it’s just that it’s a revenge movie – but it’s light on the revenge. I know revenge isn’t really a category. This movie is a thriller. Netflix has it as a: Psychological Thriller, Crime Thriller, Indie Suspense & Thriller, Thriller.

            I get it, it’s a thriller, say it all you want but to me it’s a Revenge movie, and it’s not a good one. It’s not the worst by any means, it’s just that the set up was so good that the rest was a disappointment.

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