Sunday, February 2, 2014

The passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman: If only life were like the movies; don't like the ending, we'll schedule a reshoot

 Screw the Super Bowl, watch
one of this guy's movies today
The guy had worked with some of the finest, the Coen brothers as well as Paul Thomas Anderson whom he worked with several times. Sadly it is being reported that Philip Seymour Hoffman has passed away from an apparent drug overdose.

            Man that guy did some great movies, and wide variety of them. He was by far the best villain to be in any of the Mission: Impossible movies, and the reason that the third one was good for any reason. He was also okay with being in the back just as often as he was in the front. Almost Famous, Magnolia, Along Came Polly, and Happiness just to name a few examples of sort of movies he’d be in as well as the sort of movie-time his characters would have.

            He only has a few movies streaming, and of them his best is Punch-Drunk Love, though still his small part in Hard Eight is entertaining and a standout from the whole movie.

            It would be nice were it not true, his passing. To think that a talented man, apparently a nice enough guy, and popular in the circles that would keep him working and thus keep money coming in, was still not happy? I don’t know much about drug addiction. Could he be happy with his life and still addicted to drugs? Doesn’t the addiction mean that he’s not happy, wanting to “hide the pain” if you will, of something with the drugs? It seemed like he had a good life, so why the need for drugs? Did he get hooked earlier in life when things weren’t good and then things got better but no matter who good he still had that addiction, and in the end, apparently, the addiction won.

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