Thursday, March 27, 2014

Netflix Streaming: Ashton Kutcher plays Jobs, and Jared Leto pretends to be a nobody.

Jobs (2013) PosterThe way I look at it, Ashton Kutcher hasn’t really done much by way of movies to make me think he’s not any good at acting. That being said, I’ve never seen one of his movies, and only bits and pieces of that 70’s show he was on, so maybe he does suck. All I know is, he doesn’t generally make movies that I am interested in – like, at all.

This movie does have J.K. Simmons in it, and I will ALWAYS see a movie that he’s in, which is probably why they put him in it.

Mr. Nobody (2009) PosterI like Jared Leto. Well, I liked him in Fight Club, and he will never do anything that will make me not check out a movie he is in because Fight Club and all involved are awesome. Plus he won that award for that movie that I gotta see, and he gave that awesome speech about his mom so that was way cool.

Still not sure if this movie will be good or not, but I will definitely give it a shot, and like J.K. Simmons, anything with Sarah Polley is worth checking out.

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