Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From One Second To The Next and A Fantastic Fear of Everything are both streaming now: As usual, let me know what you think

From One Second to the Next Poster Art, Poster Art from the movie From One Second to the Next.From One Second To The Next is a documentary I saw on Youtube a year or so ago and it is great. Not happy at all – like – at all – but important. Very very important.

            I’m not a fan of Werner Herzog (although his character in Jack Reacher was cool enough), his documentaries – to me – tend to become too self-indulgent, which may be why I enjoy this one (as much as one can enjoy such a depressing and powerful topic) as I do, because it is short and doesn’t allow him to become too winded on the topic.

            See this on Youtube, or check it out on Netflix, either way, set aside half an hour and watch it and learn from it.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012) PosterA Fantastic Fear of Everything is a movie starring Simon Pegg, who I am finding it difficult to enjoy. Shaun of the Dead and Spaced is of course a classic and is the only reason I will forever check a movie out that stars Simon Pegg or Nick Frost – especially if they’re together. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna like it (Paul I’m looking at you). No one’s perfect, I get that, so though A Fantastic Fear of Everything may not look like a great movie, with hopes set low, I’m gonna check it out and hope I enjoy it.

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