Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mansome: I Liked It: Because I'll like anything with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett

Mansome (2012) PosterMansome is a funny little documentary by the guy who got famous eating McDonalds all the time in that Super Size Me documentary. I’m not a big fan of Morgan Spurlock. I saw the McDonalds documentary and remember kind of being disappointed and that Morgan Spurlock was in it quite a lot, and I know it was all about him and stuff, but for some reason it bugged me that he was filming himself doing these things. I don’t know why, and I know it doesn’t make much sense, but all I can tell you is that it bugged me.

            So the McDonalds documentary was okay, and then his other stuff I didn’t see but heard that he made another documentary or something, and he had a show on TV where he did stuff for 30 days or something? I even saw an episode I think, but just didn’t care about his experiences living someone else’s lives. I’d rather watch Dirty Jobs do it for a few hours than Morgan Spurlock do it for days.

            As though Mr. Spurlock were mindful of my thoughts and feelings, this documentary has very little of him doing things. It has very little of it him at all, just at the beginning, talking about how his mustache is part of him and shaving it off will be weird . . . whatever. He shaves it off and points it out to his son, who proceeds to just lose it crying that he didn’t want his dad to shave it off! This kind of made me like Mr. Spurlock – damn it.

            I don’t get my hair cut regularly. I shave it in the summer and then let it grow, cutting it only if my boss points out how my hair is getting long, or if there’s a ceremony coming up that I’m in I’ll get it cut. The first time my kids were old enough I asked them if I should shave my hair and they laughed and said no and I laughed and went to the hair cut place and had them shave it off – never giving it a second thought. Upon my return home my kids hated it and I felt like an idiot. It reminded me of what Spurlock went through with his boy, and it was really touching.

            The documentary is not meant to be taken serious. It’s funny, but it doesn’t feel like a documentary, more like a running commentary. It’s a series of opinions and comments on how men are more and more becoming aware of their looks and taking care of themselves. Jason Bateman and Will Arnett offer jokes about the whole thing for a few minutes between sections of the film, and of course they are funny but they make up such a very small part of the film that if you’re checking it out for them then you will be sorely disappointed.

            I have a cousin who every winter grows his beard out and I always kid him about how jealous I am that I cannot grow a beard. I can’t. I tried once and my wife said it looked like I had skin cancer. The one guy in Mansome with his award winning beard is too much. Seriously, I get it’s something you’re into, fine, but the minute your beard becomes a hassle – or something like a pet that you have to watch out for while you’re eating or showering, then get rid of it or admit that you have issues.

            Mansome is an awesome mess that is at times funny but often than not, dull.

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