Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sarcasm, you are alive and well in my excitement of the new Shia LeBeowulf movie Charlie Countryman, which is now streaming.

Charlie Countryman (2013) PosterIf you’re like me then you love – LOVE – Shia LeBoof. The man is an artistic genius with talent and nobility and humility that rivals none. If you’re like me then you’ve been a fan of Shia’s since Project Greenlight – some Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reality series, wasn’t it? If I remember right a movie with Shia was on that show and I just remember he was a kid and cussing like he just learned what the words meant. If you’re like me then you will jump at the chance to see Charlie Countryman which is now streaming.

If you’re like me then you know I’m kidding.

Vincent D’Onofrio also stars (the man is a genius and I will see anything he’s in, even if it has Shia LeBoof), Rupert Grint from some Harry Potter movies(?), James Buckley who I loved in The Inbetweeners which the series and the movie are both streaming and if you like awkward British teen humour then check it out (think Peep Show for teens). And Evan Rachel Wood, who I expect to still like after watching her probably get it on with the Boof.

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