Thursday, April 24, 2014

The final The Killing episodes to air on Netflix on August 1. Yea to us! Boo to the killer.

Why does a show that gets better the longer it’s on TV have to leave? Man the first season was tough, a dry and intense struggle to . . . nowhere with pretty much nothing having been wrapped up at the end. The second season was more of what was good about the first season, and then the third season, which was better than the first two and stands completely on its own so that one who knows nothing of previous seasons could easily sit through it and keep up with what was going on. The ending of the third season was bat-shit crazy/awesome that I told my wife that’s why there won’t be any more episodes of The Killing – because of that right there. I mean, what do you do after something like that? Well, we’re about to find out . . . on August 1. Can’t wait.

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