Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quentin Dupieux has 3 movies streaming now: this is Wrong, and I end up asking you to review Wrong Cops for me so I don't have to

Wrong isn’t as bad as Rubber, but still . . . come on, man, I mean, the whole working in an office with the sprinklers going off? It’s raining water down on everyone while they continue to type on computers and work with paper? While water rains down on them? It’s stupid, and I say that only because my frustration level is elevated. I haven’t seen a movie before that was so bad that it made me angry, but this one did it. When I reviewed Mr. Nobody I talked about the moments of weird things that are never explained and how that was irritating:

well the same goes for this movie. The moments of weirdness in this movie just come off as moment of stupidity and this in turn really ruins the other moments of the movie that aren’t stupid, and in fact follow a bit of a plot, and are even at times a bit creepy. The positives in this movie are few and far between, and since the negatives are more prominent they outweigh the good and in the end all you remember are the stupid points.

            Where Rubber was stuck on its one trick plot, this one actually has a story more fleshed out, but just like with Rubber, the story brings in other subplots, and where most of them fail, his relationship with his coworkers, one of them is pretty good, and that’s his relationship with his neighbor. The one interesting character and they have him leave for most of the movie, popping up to give his friend the main character a call that were it in another movie, would have been pretty dang creepy, like their conversation in the beginning. However, it is not creepy, it’s just an irritating sign of how cool this movie could have been, but is not.

            I could understand were one to say that it’s just the director’s style, none of his movies will be easy to understand, and I say bullshit. Were it his style, why did it change from Rubber to Wrong? Wrong has a story, a beginning, a middle, and an end (at least the main lost dog plot does), why not stick with something along the lines of Rubber? Keep to something totally pointless, instead of going mainstream and making a movie with a plot and then sticking moments of pointlessness in it? Were it like Rubber I may have not hated it, I may have liked it because as you said – it’s his style. (Okay, I probably wouldn’t have liked it, but I may have not liked it instead of hated it, maybe.)

            I’ll be honest; I’m not looking forward to Wrong Cops. I’ll watch it, but seriously, I’m only doing this for you, those who click on this link and read my blog – or, well, maybe just click on the link but read none of it.

            Hey, how about this, why don’t one of you watch Wrong Cops and review it for me? I’ll post it on my blog with your name in the title and then I’ll link-dump it like I do my own reviews. Or, if you have a blog I’ll link to your blog . . . or something, really, people, I just don’t want to watch Wrong Cops, and if you get off on me watching something I don’t want to, just for you then fine, don’t respond to my request for a guest review, just make me watch it. Just so you know, though, if you do make me watch it, I’ll hate you just a little bit more than I already do. So yeah, think about that you bastard.

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