Friday, May 23, 2014

Sanctum is an okay movie - and I watched it on my Vita.

I Liked It
Sanctum probably looked pretty good on an IMAX screen in 3D. I watched this movie on my Vita with headphones, so needless to say the experience for me was a bit different from someone who saw it on an IMAX screen – right? I mean, the movie itself didn’t really need to be in IMAX or in 3D and I’ll prove that when I say that by the end (while watching it on my Vita) I thought it was a pretty good movie.

            Yes there were scenes that in 3D and on an IMAX screen would probably have been awesome to see, but I feel that it would have done very little for the story. I saw the last Batman movie on IMAX and it was still not as good as the previous two movies that I saw on regular screens. I saw Prometheus on IMAX in 3D, and yes there were some parts where the 3D was very cool, but those moments did nothing for the story.

            I remember seeing previews for Sanctum when it came out and I remember talking to my friend Mike (the guy who doesn’t like movies based on real crimes) and he thought it looked cool and we both talked about how it would be worth seeing it on the IMAX screen and in 3D. Of course it wasn’t, though, because we never did it. Do you have any idea how expensive those movies are?

            Anyway, I wasn’t really too into Sanctum at the start. It kind of reminded me of a movie that would have come out in the early 90’s. Now a lot of good movies came from them, but in my comparison this movie would not be one of those.

            Everything you think will happen, does; to the point that I truly believe one could keep the movie playing and walk away so that you couldn’t see or hear it for like five or ten minutes, and when you come back you’d know exactly what was going on. It’s obvious that the time and energy spent on this movie was on the 3D and IMAX stuff, and not the story. The acting was okay, but nothing to pay IMAX prices for.

            The one good thing about the movie is the father and son, who are together a lot for the movie but don’t really click until the end, and then the movie got good! I was surprised at how emotional it was and had the movie managed to muster that kind of stuff up for more than just the end of the movie then it wouldn’t be that bad of a movie.

            Unfortunately it’s only at the end of the movie that the actors seem comfortable as the characters they are playing and the story has a touching and emotional end that – though it doesn’t end the way I wanted it to (which means the way it should have) – was a surprise when the rest of the movie was so dull and predictable.

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