Thursday, January 16, 2014

Netflix, Oscar, Oscar, Netflix

Netflix is on a roll, and so far every award winning show they've had, you've been able to see.

            The documentary The Square, which was picked up by Netflix and shown in theaters to be considered for an Oscar, has been nominated and will be streaming starting tomorrow, Friday, January 17, 2014.

            I am looking forward to seeing this documentary. It’s so easy on a day to day basis to get caught up and weighed down by the mundane problems of our own small worlds. They seem big to us, but then you see shows like The Square and for a brief time you are opened to the cold hard fact that the world is so much bigger than your office, or your home, or your car. Your problems are important, and at times overwhelming, but there are others in the world experiencing more, and they power through it.
            Succeed or fail, they simply do, because that’s who they are.
            Let shows like this inspire you, educate you, and maybe change your view.

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