Friday, January 31, 2014

We "Didn't Like It" Dark Touch

Dark Touch (2013) PosterDark Touch is a disappointing horror movie that, once you figure out what’s going on, loses anything of interest. It’s well done, and at times pretty intense (it has probably the largest dead children count in any movie I’ve ever seen, and the fire at the birthday party was nicely done and very creepy) but the good scenes are not enough to carry the rest of the movie.

            They force the adults to be evil, even when it completely goes against their characters, and that’s enough to ruin the movie. How can you feel sympathy for a girl getting slapped by a woman who was nothing but extremely nice and patient with that girl the entire movie.

            When she slaps the girl it’s comical because it is so unbelievable.

            The girl’s screaming, I get it, but she’s screaming because her family is dead and she’s adjusting and you’re making her do something out of her comfort zone. She’s gonna throw a fit and freak out and you’re there to help her work through it all, not slap the shit out of her to get her to be a “good girl”. Seriously? So when the girl hears that she got slapped because she needed to be a good girl she starts to pull up her nightgown (I guess to get spanked?) and the husband and wife who have taken her in tell her to stop. She does, and right then the man says he’ll sleep in the girl’s room that night. Seriously? Maybe it’s just my wife and I, and we’re sick or something, but we thought the guy was up to something. He wasn’t, but Jesus, it was weird.

            Now my wife and I don’t make assumptions like that all the time, it’s just the way the scene was set up. From the girl almost pulling her underwear down right to the husband and wife who say stop, then to the husband who says “I’ll sleep in here with her tonight”, it was just weird and uncomfortable.

            The story could have been good and interesting and even scary (though my wife didn’t think so, and thought the movie had nothing good about it), and again at times it was on the border to being creepy but it couldn’t come back from where the poor scenes had taken it.

            I found it difficult to stay awake during the movie, though I was in and out through out the middle, I was able to track with most things, and the things I had questions about my wife who had been watching it all the way through couldn’t give me answers.

            The movie was vague at times when it didn’t really need to be, and like the lesser scenes of the movie, the vagueness detracted from what could have been a good movie, or at least a good story. The forcefulness of the movie to get we the audience to fear the girl and also feel sorry for her was successful in simply making us not believe her or any of the situations, while the vagueness of the movie kept us from understanding and made us feel like the movie was poorly edited or more likely poorly done.

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