Friday, January 31, 2014

I "Liked It" Syrup: But only because of Amber Heard's sex appeal

Syrup (2013) PosterSyrup is a movie that you could have written. Seriously, you, reading this. You could have written this movie script.

            You’d write the story and submit it and it would never be made. Shocker. Someone else – with connections – writes the story and it gets made, with Amber Heard no less and Brittany Snow.

            Brittany Snow is hardly in it, less than the monsters in Monsters. I’m not a big fan of Brittany Snow, to be honest, but I know who she is and I have seen her in 2 other movies, both of which “I Loved It”, and one of them is still streaming. The Vicious Kind, and to me personally, Brittany Snow is more attractive in that movie than she is in this one.

            So though I did not see it for Brittany Snow, knowing that she was in it made it seem a bit more appealing. Well, imagine my surprise when an actor whose name is on the front of the movie, is barely in said movie. She’s not in it much, but she’s attractive, and that’s pretty much this whole movie. Sex appeal and nothing else.

            This movie is like the girls in it (and I use that simply because I can’t truly say the guys are attractive or not. I mean, they’re not ugly, I suppose, but I wouldn’t say they were attractive either. Let’s just say pretty much this movie is for the guys because the girls are really really sexing it up, while the guys – well, again, are they sexing it up to? I don’t think so but again, I’m a guy and I wouldn’t really know, either way . . . ) made up to look good and hide that there’s really nothing there. What it ends up doing is highlighting what’s not good and make it even more obvious that there’s really nothing there.

            The movie could possibly have been better had the actors been a bit more older. I think the movie would have had a more serious edge to it, as well as a darker one. The cast that’s in the movie makes it feel more like it’s adapted from a young adult novel. I get that’s probably what the people who made the movie were aiming towards, the kind of young people who truly believe that if they enter the workforce with nothing more than a college education and a lot of energy, the world is theirs. Hot loose women, loads of money, and all of it just willing to be plucked from the oblivious masses who are either older than you and gullible, or just not you, and so that’s what makes them gullible. The movie is full of egotism, and again, were the people older it wouldn’t have been as annoying and ridiculous as it was.

            Again, the movie is a lot of tease with no real pay off, watch a little bit of the movie to get a sense of how Amber Heard dressed up all sexy and then feel free to turn it off because it’s not gonna get any better.

            In the end I “Liked It” mostly because of Amber Heard’s sex appeal. I mean, it had moments that weren’t bad, so the movie wasn’t all around bad, but this movie was certainly helped by Amber Heard, and make no mistake this is her movie. The story and anyone else are secondary to essentially a movie that is made up to show Amber Heard off.

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