Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forbidden Love Review Part One: A work in progress

Forbidden Love (1982) Poster
This is what forbidden love looked
like in 1982
My wife and I watched ten minutes of a movie once, spread out through several nights. It was a bad movie, and for that reason it was entertaining. The second movie like that we intended to watch like that was Someone I Touched, except that we ended up watching that entire movie. This time we chose Forbidden Love, and we ended up watching almost an hour of it. For whatever reason we stopped to watch more another night, so for now – my report:

            Obviously this will not have the punch that Someone I Touched did, though it does carry a message of some importance. The older woman with the younger man; a May-December romance!

            I’m not sure what was going on in the world in the early 80’s that they needed to make a TV movie about such things, but they did, and it’s not taken lightly. I mean, this is as serious as serious can be, there’s the painful moment when the young doctor must decide if he really wants to move in with the amazingly rich and attractive older woman (did he really need to think about it?), or the other painful moment when the younger guy’s friends ask him and his older girlfriend if they both want to go bowling – as if! Sorry guy who eventually marries one of the Brady girls, and other guy who later plays a cop/acting coach in Reservoir Dogs, but your good friend is too good for you now.

            Yes, you read me right, one of the husbands of the Brady girls is in this and he steals the show. Not because of anything other than the fact that I knew I knew him from somewhere but couldn’t place it, and it bugged me until I figured it out (okay I looked it up).

            Highlights: The show starts with the guy in a bar and he is bound and determined to get to a bowl of dip, stuff, I think (seriously, it looked gross). The older woman moves the bowl and he dunks his hand into it, much to the delight of half the bar – who couldn’t see him a second ago trying to reach for the bowl, but now they all laugh and he laughs and you know deep down he wants to slap that bitch – and I think he might when he follows her to the bathroom. He chickens out on his plan for revenge murder and doesn’t see her again until the slopes.

            Dude wants hook up with her, bad, like real bad, and you can’t blame him. She’s a good looking lady, I’m not gonna lie (because you’re not my wife asking me if I thought she was good looking). Yvette Mimieux is the name of the actress, and she is very pretty, and I didn’t recognize her but I looked her up anyway (I needed something to do during the movie) and I found that she was in The Black Hole and The Time Machine, and I really think I remember her from The Black Hole. I remember that movie, that’s for sure, it’s one of what I call the Classic Dark Disney Movies, and I’m pretty sure I remember Yvette. Either by today’s standards or 80’s standards, in the movies, she is still pretty.

            They eventually go out to dinner and when she asks him to stop calling her Ms. Whatever, and instead to call her by her first name, you can see he totally “completes” in his pants right then, and even being a doctor he’s disturbed by what has happened. He begins to cry and then promptly falls asleep – all of this happening at the restaurant (this part my wife and I may have made up).

            Another highlight is – apparently while playing a game of chess – the older woman falls completely and madly in love with the guy’s arm and drags her fingers up and down his forearm, and all the while he’s looking at her like she’s gotta be the weirdest bitch in the world, only to “complete” again, and she takes that moment to move one of the chess pieces. I couldn’t see the whole board but was pretty sure she won (the part about making out during chess is real, the part about her winning is not).

            Also, every time they kiss his lips stick out like the Audrey II plant in Little Shop of Horrors (regardless of my wife’s argument, this part is real). Made me not like the guy.

            The last thing we saw was the phone call from the parents cleverly hiding the fact that they were making a trek to visit their son. I haven’t seen that part yet but I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say it don’t go well.

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