Saturday, February 22, 2014

I "Liked It" Bad Milo!: A funny movie that kind of gets less funny as the movie goes on

Bad Milo (2013) Poster
I have a friend . . . let’s say, who isn’t too happy with his work, and who also has money problems at home. He’s got a lot of stress going on around him. He has ulcers and other stomach issues as well as regular heartburn. He’s tried a lot of gluten free food, yogurt that aging celebrities suggest on the TV, and anything and everything that he might find, all of it to no avail. I’m sure a lot of people go through the same problem that my friend has, and it is for them that this movie was made.

            I can totally understand the thinking behind this movie, a funny look at an issue that is both psychological as well as physical. I’m no doctor, but I would say that it is an issue of a physical manifestation of a psychological problem: stress turned into stomach problems. So they take it a giant leap further and make the psychological an actual creature – evil and deadly.

            The beginning of this movie was really funny, the people in the world of this movie are hysterical, and set up for everything was well done and got me interested immediately into what was going on. I could relate to the sort of reaction the main character’s body had to the sort of stuff going on around him while . . . I mean my friend could . . . I assume.

            It is my duty to mention Peter Stormare is in this movie and he is as always, great, through out the whole thing. Also Gillian Jacobs from Community is in this and it would be cool to see her in more things. Patrick Warburton is great as the boss, and Toby Huss as the doctor is hilarious as well, unfortunately those 2 are not in it long, and with them gone the movie never seems quite capable to keep pace. I was disappointed by Stephen Root, the owner of the radio station on Newsradio; he didn’t seem too into it and I would say that it was weird seeing him not be funny when he should have been, but I’m sure he was doing the best he could with what he was given to work with.

            The writing, the characters and the jokes and such, were pretty original, while the story itself was just your basic monster horror movie, but the two could have really gone together much better than they are presented here. The movie is suddenly not as good when the monster shows up. It’s like so much time and effort was put into creating the people around the monster, that when it finally shows up, they thought the monster was nothing more than something running around killing people. Which, it is, but they made a point of setting up that it is part of the guy – it’s not a mindless monster running around killing people – it’s the guy’s subconscious, yet it never really acts like it. Yeah it runs around and kills people the guy doesn’t like but it’s not presented in a way that I felt the guy and the monster were connected.

            Towards the end the monster goes for the guy’s wife, and no matter what she’s done, or what he feels that she has done, would the monster actually try to kill and eat his wife just because he wasn’t happy with her? I can understand his coworker, and especially his boss, but his wife?

            I know, it’s a movie about a monster coming and going through a guy’s butt, but because the beginning was so good in creating the characters and the world they live in, that I can’t understand or forgive the movie for not making the rest of the movie as good as the first.

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