Monday, February 24, 2014

Forbidden Love Review Part Two: Explanations and questions

Forbidden Love (1982) PosterMy wife and I finished Forbidden Love (first half of the movie reviewed here), and boy did these two have some explaining to do – a lot of explaining. The young doctor guy explained things to his parents – twice; the older woman explained things to her daughter, and then the young doctor guy had to explain things to the daughter as well. Not surprisingly, their May-December romance did not go over well for those immediately close to the couple.

            One of the highlights: fresh from getting a tongue lashing from his father – whom he’d flown to see on a minutes notice (using his older girlfriend’s money) – the young doctor guy runs out of their house and throws himself against a tree and sobs, holy cow was it awesome! The stuff that the older woman was going through wasn’t nearly as funny, and kind of sad and embarrassing really. In an attempt to get her boyfriend and his friends together so that he doesn’t lose touch with them, while at the same time so they can see that she is just like one of them (you know, young and strapped for cash and working around the clock (all of which she is not)), she suggests they throw a Bar-B-Q “by the pool!” The pool party doesn’t go well, though it goes about as well as any normal person would anticipate if you weren’t the older woman in the show who apparently thought it’d go much differently.

            Another highlight was when, while out on a date, the older woman meets one of her friends – an even older woman – who also has a young man in tow. The two men bump into each other in the bathroom and when the other guy makes a comment about how awesome it is dating older women for their money, our young doctor guy pushes him into a trash can and rushes out of there fast! This was mostly a highlight because I totally called the whole scene, but also because it was pretty funny.

            This movie also brought up a few important questions, one about society and one about my wife and I.

            First, whatever happened to the word “gigolo”? Seriously, that is a funny/silly word, which may be why it faded away, I don’t think it was meant to be silly. They certainly didn’t think it was silly in the movie the way they were throwing it around like it was something major. The young doctor guy’s father had a hard time even saying the word, and he wasn’t laughing when he said it, and his son seemed pretty insulted by the word, and the whole time I just couldn’t stop saying it and my wife and I laughing. I thought it was odd that women are called “whores” and men “gigolos”, but even the insults are unbalanced as the insult for the woman is much more worse than the guys. Inequality is everywhere, though I don’t think the filmmakers intended for one to think of such things while watching this movie.

            Another question: My wife asked me if I could be like that, date an older woman. I will admit, it was weird in the movie to see the guy ask for money to do things that he wants to do. I told my wife that it would really feel weird, having to ask for money, or having “gifts” like clothes and a car bought for me; but then I’d go home to my mansion, with servants, and a pool, and then I don’t think I’d have a problem with it anymore. Seriously, who would? I mean, if you love someone, fuck what anyone else says (unless it’s the one you’re in love with, and they say leave me alone and you say I love you – that’s not usually enough to base a good argument off of – or so a . . . friend of mine found out once), if you two are happy then that’s all that matters.

            My wife agreed, until I asked if she’d be upset if our son came home one day and said he was dating a rich older woman. She said yes instantly, but her reasoning was because she would want our son to have kids, we would want grandkids, and if he was dating an older woman the chances of him having kids would obviously not be very good (we’re using the movie as our basis for age differences and stuff like that). I agreed with her, but also, if the lady was rich and didn’t mind us visiting – a lot – I’m sure it’s something I could get over.

            We ended up liking Forbidden Love. It entertained us and made us both laugh  more than most comedy movies streaming right now, and the best thing about this movie, and movies like this, is that my wife and I actually talk, and it’s not about bills, or work, or anything negative, it’s always funny stuff. It’s cheap entertainment that in the long run, I think, ends up meaning more to us than we realize.

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