Monday, February 24, 2014

Watch The Ice Harvest To Honor Harold Ramis / Watch Baby Boom To Mourn Him / And Always Watch Ghostbusters

The Ice Harvest (2005) PosterWith the passing of Harold Ramis, of course I should point out that he has a few movies streaming on Netflix. 3, to be precise. Ghostbusters of course is the main go-to, but I’d like to suggest The Ice Harvest, a sort of noir dark comedy that – even though it has John Cusack in it – is surprisingly good.

            I may be biased, since the story takes place here in Wichita, Kansas (of course not filmed here – that would be a bad sign should something interesting happen here in Wichita) and is based on a book written by a guy who is from here. It is interesting to point out though that, it may have not been filmed here, unlike most movies that show Wichita, Kansas, this movie pretty much got it dead on.

            The other movie is Baby Boom, but I guarantee even Harold Ramis would rather you not watch that on the day of his death.

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