Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I "Loved It" The Croods: But only because my kids made me

The Croods (2013) PosterThe Croods. You saw the trailer, think the movie looks okay? It will be, think it looks dumb? It will be. It’s a kid’s show, so it’s difficult to be impressed because it’s not really gonna blow you away with anything, but then again it never says it will or even really tries. It just is what it is, and those kind of movies are good to have. As much as I love The Iron Giant, sometimes you gotta give emotional kid’s movies a break, am I right? I mean, you can only watch The Iron Giant commit suicide so many times before you need to watch something like The Croods.

            The Croods is a good movie. I can’t really find anything about it that would make it a bad kid’s movie.

            The effects of the movie was the first thing that stuck out. It looks really good, I was especially impressed with the water and how it looked. The jokes in the movie – I found – were pretty good, and I definitely was laughing more than my kids were, which I kind of took to mean a bad thing. It’s a kid’s movie and they’re not even really laughing at it. I thought the little girl who was like some sort of wild dog was hilarious, and the slapstick comedy going on between the family at times was pretty funny too, but again my kids never laughed or even really reacted to any of it.

            The only thing they reacted to was the sloth thing that I think his name was Belt? My kids freaking loved that guy and laughed hysterically whenever he was saying something it showed him reacting to something. I had to agree, he was pretty funny.

The monsters of the movie were all so original that they were pretty interesting. I’m not sure why they stuck with cave people and the continents breaking apart, and then go on to show all these monsters that are so completely out of nowhere. There are no dinosaurs or anything else that even remotely has anything to do with cavemen, but I’m not gonna complain too much because the monsters they do show were pretty cool and not what you’d expect, so that was a pretty cool little surprise.

            Of course with all movies, it helps if there’s something you can relate to. Having a daughter of my own who is still very young, I found myself several times through out the movie thinking of her and having to let her go as she gets older. I didn’t like even the idea of doing such a thing so I could easily relate to the father in the movie and how threatened he was by the new younger guy who was starting to become more important in his daughter’s eyes. The theme of the movie really struck a chord with me but I’m a sucker for a sad scene in any movie. Still, I was not expecting to be close to tears when the father, after having thrown his whole family to safety has to stay behind, and at the end draws pictures of his family on the cave wall and imagines them all as he remembered them. It was really sad and well done enough that it was emotional.

            A good movie, maybe a bit better than I expected – but not much.

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