Friday, June 13, 2014

Vincent D'Onofrio is Kingpin in Netflix's new original Daredevil series

The actor is on the left, the character is on the right.
This officially makes me excited for Daredevil to appear on Netflix. The movie actor God that is Vincent D’Onofrio will be in the Netflix original Daredevil series as Kingpin. Now if they can just put a moment in the show that gives him the opportunity to say the word: “Sugar” I would seriously lose my shit.
            Normally it’s a concern when a show replaces the showrunner, but it sure seems like with the replacement the show is starting to move. Of course all of this could have already been in the works, but I like to think that Netflix wasn’t happy so they put a new guy in charge and that new guy has brought about all the advancement with casting the show.

            I’m normally a glass half empty type of guy, but when it comes to Netflix original shows I tend to think and hope and expect the best and have not been let down so far (I’m not counting OITNB).

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