Saturday, February 15, 2014

Netflix Streaming: I "Loved It" The Perfect Host: For some reason this is exactly how I imagined hanging out with David Hyde Pierce going.

The Perfect Host (2010) PosterThere are a lot of movies that “get away” now-a-days. You see a preview for a movie – not a big budget movie, a little indie movie – and it looks good, but you never hear anything about it again. Often times that movie is lost forever, never to be thought of again, and it isn’t even really missed hat much. Sometimes though you come across that movie later and you recall the preview and you think that you will finally get to see that movie that looked good so long ago.

            That happens a lot living in Wichita, Kansas. Not may independent movies make it out here. I don’t think my location has a whole lot to do with it though, many of these movies just plain don’t see the theatre much, and even if they did would one go to the movies for an indie movie that had the odds against it that it would be any good?

            Before Video On Demand, and even Netflix, straight to rental movies had a bad stigma, and it was difficult to argue that a movie like that was good. It certainly wasn’t balanced, the ratio of good to bad movies that went straight to rental. Now, though, it seems like the better movies are the ones that aren’t released in the theatre but instead by other means.

            This is one of the better movies streaming on Netflix now. When I hear people complain about Netflix and how nothing good is streaming I mention The Perfect Host, Absentia, and Pontypool; three reasons to keep streaming Netflix long enough, at least, to see these movies. Of course, if these movies are streaming, and good, imagine how many others are out there that haven’t been found yet (yeah, not many, I know, but there's got to be more, right?). It’s not the best way to spend one’s time, watching a few minutes of movies until you find one that is good / bearable, or you fall completely out of the mood and either find something else to do or go to bed defeated, I agree, but that’s where we are – and that’s why I started this blog, I suppose, to suffer so you wouldn’t have to. Also because I’m bored, I like movies, I like to write . . . but mostly because I’m bored.

            The Perfect Host is a movie that has a lot going for it and doesn’t drop the ball once. The whole time you think you know what’s going on, no matter how weird and off the wall things are, you’re pretty sure you know what’s going on, and then the movie starts to wrap things up and that’s when you realize you don’t know what’s going on. It never feels like cheap tricks, you’re never annoyed with the sort of things that happen, it’s all done in a way that keeps you steady and on track with what is going on.

            I was a bit disappointed by the preview for the movie, because as is often the complaint, it gives away too much of the movie. I knew more than I wanted to know going in, but then while I watched the movie I found out that the story still had a few tricks that weren’t in the preview so that was a pleasant surprise.

            My wife hadn’t seen the preview; she’s a fan of David Hyde Pierce and knowing this I suggested the movie and she went for it and she loved it. The guy is a great actor. I mean, I liked him enough, he was funny on Frasier, and anything else he was in he was always funny and likable, and boy does he blow that whole persona out of the water with this movie. Anyone that can be as likable and funny as he is in everything he does, and then act out the character in The Perfect Host so perfectly that it’s almost shocking is cool-cool in my book. The creepiest thing about this movie is that David Hyde Pierce is such a great actor, and does such a good job being a psycho.

            That’s not a slam against the movie either. The movie is great, the story and acting by everyone is great, but man David Hyde Pierce is something else. The other guy, Clayne Crawford works off of David Hyde Pierce perfectly, and he has a tough job of mostly just reacting to everything that is being thrown at him, but he does it and makes it look easy, and his own story of why and how he ended up in that house is one of the surprises that this movie has for you.

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